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Almost a third of the world’s population is infected with Microbacterium Tuberculosis , the bacteria that causes TB. 1.8 million died from the disease in 2008. There are currently about 9.4 million cases of TB TB is the seventh-largest killer on Earth. 1.8 million deaths per year. TB THRIVES IN DRUG-RESISTANT STRAINS ARE ALSO DUE TO: Overcrowded urban areas Living units with poor ventilation ANATOMY OF A PANDEMIC Not taking medications for the entire prescribed period. Improper dosage TUBERCULOSIS TODAY Antibiotic isoniazid first used to treat TB. Combination drug therapy promoted as a way to cure TB— other efforts include milk pasteuri- zation, testing cattle for TB, vacci- nating entire populations, mass radiography for the early detec- tion of disease, triple therapy for every infected patient, isolating the infected and reducing house- hold overcrowding. Clinical trials of DOTS (Directly Observed Treat- ment Short-course) program begins in India, which emphasizes improved drug
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