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Mirpur East Nurerchala Gulshan Cantonment Kafrul Tejgaon Mohammadpur Washpur Hazaribag Pilkhana Munshihati Kamrangirchar Sultanganj Huzurpara Ati Lalbagh Dhanmondiv Khilgaon Banasree Housing Nayapara Shabujbag Ahammadbag Moti Jheel Ramna Turag River Buriganga River Gulshan Lake Washpur Badda DHAKA DHAKA, BANGLADESH 1 mile 2 km MAP ROOM LOCATION: SOUTHEAST ASIA 4,488,000 live in slums City area: 60 square miles Population density: 831 persons per acre Growth rate: 2.72% per year Monsoon/rainy seasons: June - September Average yearly rainfall: 1525 mm 1950 2009 A QUESTION OF SPACE CITY LIMITS INDIA BANGLADESH INDIAN OCEAN MYANMAR NEPAL BHUTAN CHINA MEDICINAL DISEASE Hospitals 103 Specialty Hospitals 22 Medical Dispensaries 35 Community Health Clinics 2822 Diarrhea 808,390 Dengue 1151 Tuberculosis 21,600 Leprosy 1047 That’s 37.4% living in 4,966 communities without proper housing and sanitation 39% of slums flood during the monsoon season 14.7% of slum dwellers have modern toilets 87.6% of births occur at home in these communities 60% dispose of garbage in an open space NORTH In Bangladesh only about 20% of patients seeking health care go to
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