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All photographs © Eman Mohammed 55 GAZA, Palestinian Territories—Between the shattered memories of the past and an unknown future lies a pile of rubble that is called home. Mohammed Khaderi, his wife Ebtesam and the 22 members of their fami- ly live here, in the heart of Gaza. Their house was targeted by Israeli field opera- tions and all but leveled during the last in- cursion into the Gaza Strip—the 2008-2009 war. Ever since, the Khaderi family has lived beneath a makeshift tent attached to what remains. Until mid-2007, Mohammed and his brother worked in Israel as laborers, but both lost their jobs after the frontier be- tween the two states closed in June 2007, after Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip and Israel tightened its blockade. In Decem- ber 2008, Israel embarked on a series of air attacks against targets in Gaza where, it P RTFOLIO Palestine: From the Rubble, Life Eman Mohammed TWO WOMEN OF THE KHADERI FAMLY PEER FROM THE WINDOW OF THE TENT WHERE THEY MOVED THEIR FAMILIES, FEARING THE COLLAPSE OF THEIR CRUMBLING HOME Eman Mohammed is the only female professional photographer based in the Gaza Strip. The self-taught, 22-year-old Palestinian, whose photographs have appeared in The Guardian and Le Monde , has been covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since 2006.
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f_0020457_17219 - P RTFOLIO Eman Mohammed is the only...

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