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WORLD POLICY JOURNAL • FALL 2010 8 ANATOMY OF A MUSIC VIDEO Shooting a music video with American pop-star Selena Gomez and an interna- tional crew in Budapest, Hungary is an exercise in multi-cultural logistics to create a product that appeals to a global audience. It begins with the studio recording, and ends after a mad dash to the finish by scores of technicians, artists and START artist ALBUM records and submits RECORD LABEL approves w a n t s c h a n g e s promotion, marketing , creative DEPARTMENTS SINGLE FIRST decide on vibe & direction DIRECTORS submit proposal , visuals , BUDGET g o t o RECORD LABEL meets BUDGET ( ) with product placement $5,000 - $100,000 in one week... PRODUCTION BEGINS casting locations props wardrobe make-up then
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Article Slug 9 Ryoji Ikeda crosses the boundaries of mediums as a Japanese composer and visual artist. His art compounds his interests in sound, frequency
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