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© 2010 World Policy Institute 25 The Emerging Canon Artists and Their Art For centuries, the Western Canon referred to a body of literature or paintings that formed the foundations for all those who’ve followed. At the beginning, such works were cop- ied, painstakingly, by hand. Later, texts were set laboriously by typesetters, sheets pulled manually page by page from enormous hand presses. Artists painted by oil on canvases stretched across boards. We’ve come a long way since the first printed books or still lifes—the means of transmission have changed, and so has the very nature of creativity.
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Unformatted text preview: The editors of World Policy Journal selected artists, composers, lmmakers and pho-tographers to showcase the vast scope and creativity of the Global Canon, decode their inuences, and explain how they shape their world through art. THE GL BAL CAN N Hudson LaMothe PHOTOGRAPHER Polibio Diaz VISUAL ARTIST Mayra Barazza PLAYWRIGHT Gonzalo Rodriguez Risco FILMMAKER Franco Sacchi INTERNET ARTIST Rafael Rozendaal MUSICIAN Asaf Avidan VISUAL ARTIST Ryoji Ikeda...
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