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Unformatted text preview: WORLD POLICY JOURNAL • FALL 2010 Artists and Their Art 33 32 those images start to move? And what if you can interact with them? I am not sure what interaction means, but I have always been in- trigued by the possibilities. It seems to catch the viewer’s attention and suck them into the piece. But not all my pieces are interactive. It’s all very intuitive and sometimes I make a piece that moves on its own and sometimes the piece needs your input to come to life. I am interested in the possibilities of representing what I see around me. A paint- ing of a tree is something other than a tree. We have been able to represent—or record— the world in many different ways; drawing, painting, photos, moving photos, sound. Interactive representation is something new and something else. In my piece www.plea- setouchme.com you see a blue hand that does not move until you touch it. An interactive picture of a hand is not a movie of a hand. You drag the fingers and they do what you ask them to do. And after a while they move on their own. It’s not a painting or a website or a movie. It’s just art. This new movie industry has created a range of possibilities for a new generation of Africans. As the star actor Saint Obi said in my documentary, “This is Nollywood,” “Early in my career I discovered that...
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