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WORLD POLICY JOURNAL • FALL 2010 Artists and Their Art 37 36 VISUAL ARTIST Mayra Barraza Mayra Barraza is a visual artist from El Sal- vador. Her work, “The Republic of Death,” is a transformation of her earlier project, when Barraza kept track of the murder news in El Salvador every day for 100 days. It has been shown in the Ponte- vedra Biennial in Spain, and will be exhibited in Denmark under the title “Caput Mortuum Suite.” She spoke to World Policy Journal in an e-mail exchange from El Salvador. WORLD POLICY JOURNAL: Do you consider your work activist art? MAYRA BARRAZA: I prefer other ven- ues—rather than my own artwork—for activism; that is, for the type of activism that requires organized collective work to bring about substantial social change or awareness. I have always felt concerned and responsible for what goes on around me and have dived into projects dealing with public space, gender issues, and vi- sual arts. This has boomeranged back and forth into my artwork in ways difficult
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