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Unformatted text preview: !" ! #$%$& () *+,& +- $ ./00 ($-12% +3 4567+, 899$+%- :2;%22 ,$3:+:$12 $1 4%+3,21<3 =3+> ?2%-+1@A- B<<:%<C B+7-<3 #,&<<7 <9 4567+, $3: D312%3$1+<3$7 899$+%- $3: $ ./00 E5%+- F<,1<% ,$3:+:$12 $1 1&2 =3+?2%-+1@ <9 G$7+9<%3+$H I2%J272@H #,&<<7 <9 K$C) #&2 ,$3 62 ,<31$,12: $1 -L%+,&MN%+3,21<3)2:5) ! ""#$%&()$ + (,%&("- # ".(!/ 0 1-!""#$%&()$ % $&.(/ 2 3$ $4145 6 ( +#"66(7.$ 8+ &-&,$+$- 9 ": ; $6 & :%(!&- + (,%&("- #$%$& () *+,& This paper examines the Center for Migration Information and Management (CIGEM), which the European Union opened in Mali in 2008 to dissuade Malians and other West Africans from attempting to migrate to the E.U., among other objectives. After briefly discussing migration theory, this paper examines the current status of Mali-E.U. migration. It proceeds to as- sess CIGEMs goals and its strategies to dissuade unauthorized migration. The paper argues that CIGEM will fail to affect the flows of migrants from Mali to the E.U. because the center does not address the structural reasons for migration in todays globalized world. The paper ends with a call for a more honest discussion of labor migration realities and recommends that the E.U. develop a circular, temporary labor migration policy. !" ! $%&()*%!$ In October 2008, the Center for Migration Information and Management ( Centre dInformation et de Gestion des Migrations , CIGEM) opened its O/ doors in Malis capital city, Bamako. Created to serve as an information clearinghouse for potential and returned labor migrants in Mali and West Africa, CIGEM opened with ceremonies and speeches from government officials from Mali, France, and the European Union (E.U.). Louis Michel, the E.U. development commissioner, predicted that CIGEM would pave the way for managing migration flows more effectively (Traynor 2008). He argued that migration should be supported, structured and managed optimally ( Idem. ). The French immigration minister, Brice Hortefeux, used the occasion to warn the assembled guests that [i]llegal immigration is a wild dream, rushing towards an Eldorado that doesnt exist anymore (Agence France-Presse 2008). Malis president, Amadou Toumani Tour, simply stated that a solution of [100] percent security is not realistic but neither is [a 100] percent humanitarian solution. The real trouble is find- ing work for young people ( Idem. ). The three officials remarks illustrate both the complex dynamics of labor migration policy and the simplified discourse surrounding the is- sue. President Tours insistence on addressing labor and migration as two sides of the same coin is perhaps the most nuanced perspective. Michel and Hortefeux, however, only address parts of the issueand not the key parts at thatas this paper will illustrate. Michels faith in a technocratic solution is simplistic, and Hortefeuxs dire warnings will fall on deaf ears....
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This note was uploaded on 02/01/2012 for the course POLS 494 taught by Professor Garymoncrief during the Fall '11 term at Boise State.

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f_0022078_18195 - !" ! #$%$& ()...

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