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4002_2 ABET Course Outline

4002_2 ABET Course Outline - EE 4002-2 Catalog Data RF...

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EE 4002-2 RF Circuit Analysis and Design Catalog Data: EE 4002 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering (3) May be taken for a max of 9 hrs. of credit when topics vary. Students in curricula other than electrical engineering should consult the instructor. ABET category: 2 hrs. design; 1 hr of engineering science. Selected topics of current interest. Text: Ludwig and Bretchko, RF Circuit Design Theory and Applications Prentice Hall, 2000 Goals/Instructional Objective: This course is intended to provide students with knowledge of the basic building blocks of communications systems and design circuits used in communications systems. This course is to educate the student to be able to: 1. analyze and design RF amplifiers, filters, oscillators and mixers. 2. analyze noise and its effect on a communications system. 3. design interstage impedance matching circuits 4. complete a design project given a set of specifications 5.
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