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Rf topics - • Satellite TV XM and cirrus sat radio and...

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EE 4002 RF Circuit Design Term Paper Project 5-7 pages single spaced excluding figures and photos Six students will write reports on each topic.  The papers will compete for the  following grades: 2 A’s Maximum 2 B’s maximum 2 Others C,D,F     Collaboration will only hurt your chances of receiving the A or B.  Keep your  resources private, and figure out how you are going to set yourself apart from the  other students doing the same paper.   Please rank the topics in order you prefer.  I will select your topic based on how  you ranked them and how many selected them.  It will be a fair process.     Topics 802.11b,g,a, Bluetooth, Blackberry and personal wireless technology The cellular telephone system, including gsm, base stations and others  Gps and applications 
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Unformatted text preview: • Satellite TV, XM and cirrus sat radio, and other satellite-terrestrial systems • Cassini-Huygens, Mars rover and other deep space communications systems • data coding cryptography and compression (mp3, and others) • hdtv, tivo and other video technologies Material to Cover THE PAST *Background-origins, history and early development What needs sparked the introduction of the technology? THE PRESENT *Technology -modulation,channel mux, operating frequencies,bw, capacity *Players - users, companies, and economic impact $$ *ethical issues related to the industry, FCC regulations, and politics THE FUTURE *as technology improves, market share, potential competing technologies that could win out over current technology...
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Rf topics - • Satellite TV XM and cirrus sat radio and...

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