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SIRIUS 2: EUROPEAN-WIDE SATELLITE SERVICES FROM GE Phillip Haines' Introduction - GE Capital Satellites Europe General Electric of the USA is one of the world's largest corporatons. In 1995, GE's turnover was $70 billion which ranks alongside the Grass National Product of countries the size of Hungary or Greece. More than a third of EE's turnover is generated by financial services such as financing infrastructure and other projects through GE CZital Services. GE Capital is the global market leader in their field, particularly in the leasing of aircraft, railnd wagons, lorry trailers ... and, of course, communications satellites. Sateilite a sped activity for GE Capital, as the company acts a full service provider rather simply providing finance for satellite projects. GE Amenan Communications (GE Americom) was fonned in 1975 and pioneered the distribution of video entertainment programming via geostationzuy satellite in the USA. Today, GE Americom operates 14 satellites with some 200 transpondem for the US market, making GE Americom the second largest satellite operator in the world after Intelsat. The current GE Americom fleet for die is outlined in Figure 1. In 1994, GE took strategic decision to provide satellite communications seivices outside their traditional in the US. GE Capital Satellites International was established to build on the experience and resources of GE Americom and provide 111 range of satellite services the European, African, and Asia-Paciflc regions. The company's first venture is in Europe, where hm late 1997 GE Capital Satellites will provide European-wide via the new Sirius 2 Ku-band satellite owned and operated jointly with NSAB of Sweden. The :Sirius i Satellite The .5"E orbital location has long been established a pole position in Nordic northern European markets. TELE-X, the world's hybrid BSSFSS satellite, started operation at 5"E in 1988 with 3 BSS 2 FSS transponders. It was joined in 1991 by Sirius 1, adding a firther 5 transponders. From late 1997, Sirius 2 enter operation at 5"E with 32 operational Half of this capacity be atailable for new through GE Capital Satellites Europe. The remainder will used by NSAB, primarily to provide continuity of service for their existing TELE-X and 1 operations. The S;irius 2 satellite is being constructed by Aerospatiale of France using proven Spacebus 3000 platform.
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