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Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - The focus of discussion was on emerging...

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ENCE 320 Chapter 1 WWW Exercises p.20 3. www.pmi.org a. Becoming a member on PMI gives you the benefits of members-only discounts and services, complimentary publications, and continuing education opportunities. Complimentary publications include PM Network, PMI Today, PMI’s Career Track, and Project Management Journal. 4. Baltimore, MD Chapter a. The Baltimore, MD chapter link includes opportunities for job listings, membership information, newsletters, and continuing education. 5. Second Latin America Congress a Resounding Success January issue of PMI Today Online The article focuses on a project management convention held in Santiago, Chile. There was great hospitality for everyone involved at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Over 300 delegates from the Latin American Congress were on hand for the event. The event provided world-class educational, professional development and networking opportunities for PMI members and project management stakeholders from throughout the region.
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Unformatted text preview: The focus of discussion was on emerging trends in the profession, project management culture, and best practices and lessons learned from experiences. Case Study #1 p.20-21 1. What are the needs that have been identified? More money needs to be raised More volunteers More storage space Another refrigerator for the kitchen 2. What is the project objective? To raise $10,000 through fund-raising 3. What assumptions, if any, should be made regarding the project to be undertaken? There is a growing demand for the food bank and soup kitchen More resources will need to be implied to meet the demand The problem lies in finding ways to generate the resources needed 4. What are the risks involved in the project? How can they make this an ongoing operation rather than a one time deal? They are running on a strict deadline of two months to raise $10,000...
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Assignment 2 - The focus of discussion was on emerging...

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