Chap 17_1pg - to the fibers. sofutfon: f, = =,...

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fiomposlles: Teilrluorh nnd Sllrler0l| In l|nlerlnls l7-A Five kilograms of continuous boron fibers are introduced in a unidirectional orienta- tion into 8 kg of an aluminum matrix. Calculate (a) the density of the composi3e, (b) the modulus of elasticity parallel to the fibers, and (c) the modulus of elasticity per- pendicular
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Unformatted text preview: to the fibers. sofutfon: f, = =, tr!{?.'t=dr"l ' 5kg/2'3 + txg/z.6gg = o'423 f4: 0'577 (a) p" = f*s * fxpx = P.423)(2.3) + (0.577)(2.699) = 2.539 O. t (b) E" = ffia * fiFJ,er = (0.423X5S x tO6) + (0.577X10 x to6) = 2 9 x l d p s i (c) uE" = fslEs * fxlEN = 3:l31fl Toy * o.sttlro x rff E" = 15.3 x 106 psi...
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