Hw1 - Homework 1  CISC 303 Timo Kötzing([email protected]

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Unformatted text preview: Homework 1  CISC 303 Timo Kötzing ([email protected]) Wednesday, February 11. Monday, February 16. Handed out: Due Date: (8 points) Give the DFA from Example 1.1.4 in the lecture notes in set notation. Problem 1. (8 points) Give a DFA M in graphical notation only such that L(M) = {ab, ba}. Note that your DFA must not accept any other string than ab and ba, while it has to accept both ab and ba. Problem 2. (8 points) Give a short example (2-4 lines) of a use of the pigeonhole principle. You are not expected to know what the pigeonhole principle is, so if you don't know what it is, look it up on the web or ask someone! Problem 3. (8 points) Give the mathematical type of the various following mathematical object by checking the appropriate column(s). Let M = ({a, b}, Q, δ, F, q0 ) be a DFA. Problem 4. Object 5 a M {a, b} ε |abba| ∅ card(∅) δ first(ba) Q A number symbol word 1 set function DFA ...
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