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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Study Guide  CISC 303 Timo Kötzing ([email protected]) The midterm will basically consist of questions similar to homework problems of the homework sets 1-4. Hence, you should make sure to understand all homework problems. In particular, the following would be helpful. • Know the Denitions of: DFA; NFA; ε-NFA; acceptance in the dierent automata models; regular language; regular expression. • Understand all automata in graphical notation. • Be able to apply the Pumping Lemma to show a given language not regular. • Be ably to apply all algorithms that we talked about in class. In particular, be able to apply  all algorithms proving closure properties of regular languages;  the multi-state-machine construction;  the conversion algorithm to turn a regular expression into an equivalent DFA. In particular, you will not be asked about • Conversion of DFA to regular expressions; • DFA minimization; • Anything concerning ≡L . 1 ...
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