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Unformatted text preview: Homework 5  CISC 303 Timo Kötzing ( Handed out: Monday, April 6. Deadline for Version 2 language approval: Monday, April 20. Due Date: Wednesday, May 20. This document describes the (optional) project. The project exists in two versions: Version 1 is rather short, and Version 2 is longer. Assignment For both versions, your tasks are as follows. • Read the JFlex user's manual: • Read the JavaCup user's manual: appel/modern/java/CUP/manual.html • Write a JFlex scanner specication • Write a JavaCup parser specication Version 1 In Version 1, your specications should accept regular expressions with respect to the alphabet of all lower-case characters a-z, as dened in Denition 1.4.1 in the Lecture Notes (instead of the upper-star we use a regular star). In Version 1, your nal grading scheme would look like this. Homework Midterm Final Project 25% 25% 40% 12% Note that this sums up to more than 100%. Version 2 In Version 2, you can write a specication for whatever formal language you want. I need to agree on whatever you choose before you start. Examples are: easy subsets of a programming language like C, or of a markup language like LaTeX or XML. In Version 2, your nal grading scheme would look like this. Homework Midterm Final Project 20% 20% 40% 25% Note that this sums up to more than 100%. Resources You do not need to write anything in Java (beyond what goes into the specications) if you don't want to. Please email me for Java driver les and makeles, so that you can test your specications (of course, you may write your own Java driver les). Test Cases To verify your implementation, you need test cases. I'll oer test cases for Version 1. For Version 2, I expect you to write your own test cases and include them in the submission. 1 ...
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