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Phys133 Mid-Term#1 Extra short problem samples 1. A binary system has a parallax p=0.1 arcsec. a. What is it's distance in pc b. If the stars have an observed angular separation of a=1 arcsec, what is their physical separation of the stars in AU? 2. How long does it take a car traveling at a speed of v= 60 km/hr to travel a distance d=120 km? 3. If ball is dropped from rest, then from earth's gravity, how fast is it moving after t=5 sec. 4. If a car going a speed of 10 m/sec takes a time t=10 sec to stop, what is its mean acceleration a, in m/sec^2?
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a compact car with mass m2=1000 kg traveling at a speed of v2= 40 m/sec? a. What is the ratio of their momentum, p2/p1? b. What is the ratio of the kinetic energy, E2/E1? 6. A planet orbits a star at distance of d=2 AU over a period P= 4 years. a. What is the circumference C of the orbit in AU? b. What is the orbital speed V, in AU/yr.
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m1-extra-sample-problems-solns - Phys133 Mid-Term#1 Extra...

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