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The Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations World Leaders Forum Tony Blair: Address to Seton Hall University February 3, 2009 I t is a real honor to be here at the John C. Whitehead School. Thank you so much for that kind introduction. What I’m going to do is give you my world view in about twenty minutes. You can guess its depth and profundity from that. For me it is very inspiring, but also very thought provoking to reflect on the United States at this moment with a new president in charge. I know something of the feeling of coming to power, as I did in 1997 after eighteen years of opposing a conservative government. It was a moment of enormous euphoria. I will always remember being in that position. There are a lot of differences between your US politics and ours. One difference is that our election campaign is about four weeks long. You do a slightly greater length, in order to get a better sense of the whole situation. The other difference is we have no transition period. You win the election; you’re in office the next day. So, when I won the election the May 1, 1997, I literally was into Downing Street on May 2, having seen the Queen and having been asked to form the government. I remember, I went into Downing Street and the previous party had obviously been there for eighteen years, so everyone was really used to them. Now, when the new prime minister walks into Downing Street, he goes down the long corridor to the end where the Cabinet room is. The tradition is that all the people who work in Downing Street—and they are mostly professional civil servants, they stay there whatever the administration—line the two sides of the corridor to clap in the new Prime Minister. The other lot had been there for eighteen years and everyone had become used to them. So, as I went down the corridor shaking hands with people; they were practically crying. By the time I got to the end of the corridor, I felt guilty about the whole thing. I remember, I went into the cabinet room and I was exhausted because I had not slept; we had been campaigning for the last few weeks and so on. The Cabinet secretary—who again is a professional civil servant and is the senior guy—was just sitting in the cabinet room. I went in the Tony Blair , the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997-2007, visited Seton Hall University on February 3, 2009. Since stepping down from this position, he has become the Quartet’s Middle East Envoy and has started the Tony Blair Interfaith Foundation. Currently, Mr. Blair is co-teaching a semiar at Yale University as a Howland Distiguished Fellow. 7 The fundamentals of the financial architecture that people have taken for granted have been shaken.
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BLaIR The Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations room. It wAs my first time in the British CAbinet Room; All this history surrounding me. He wAs A very nice, decent British guy from the old school. There he wAs sitting in the CAbinet. I sAt down with him, feeling A little bit nervous, And he sAid to me,
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f_0018621_15947 - World Leaders Forum Tony Blair Address to...

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