North Korea options

North Korea options - North Korea and Nuclear Weapons...

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Unformatted text preview: North Korea and Nuclear Weapons Teaching with the News Online Resource 1 WWW . CHOICES . EDU   ■   W ATSON  I NSTITUTE   FOR  I NTERNATIONAL  S TUDIES , B ROWN  U NIVERSITY   ■   C HOICES   FOR   THE  21 ST  C ENTURY  E DUCATION  P ROGRAM   ■   North Korea and Nuclear Weapons - Policy Options W hat follows is a framework of policy “Options” that address the current debate about North Korea. These options are designed to help you think about a range of possible policies and the ramifications of each. The four options provided are not intended as a menu of choices. Rather, they are framed in stark terms to highlight very different policy approaches. Each option includes a set of criticisms against it. These are designed to help you think carefully about the risks and trade-offs of each. After you have had a chance to consider each of the options presented, think about your concerns and values and deliberate with your peers on the strengths and challenges of each of the options pre- sented. Then we encourage you to articulate your own considered judgment on this issue. You may want to borrow heavily from one of the options presented, combine ideas from several, or take a new approach altogether. As you frame your “Option 5,” think about the following questions: • What U.S. interests are at stake in this issue? • What is the history of U.S. relations with North Korea? • What is motivating North Korea to take this path? • In the current situation with North Korea, what is the difference between six-party and bilateral negotiations? • How pressing is the issue of North Korea compared to other security priorities? • How does the war on terrorism fit into discussion about this issue? • How does our relationship with South Korea, China, Russia, and Japan fit into this issue? • What steps should the United States take in the coming weeks and months? • What should our long-term goals be? • What values are important to you? • What are the pros and cons of this option? “North Korea and Nuclear Weapons” is a Teaching with the News online resource published by the Choices Program at Brown University. Online resources are updated frequently. Background Readings, Extension Activities & Additional Web Links are available from the Resources section of the Choices Program web site— Mapping the Nuclear World (additional free online lesson plan) Online Ballot: Nuclear Weapons Policy Link to Arms Control Association — complete text of the 1994 Agreed Framework Link to BBC News Online — Q&A: North Korea’s Nuclear Threat Link to NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (PBS) — North Korea: Nuclear Standoff Copyright - Choices for the 21st Century Education Program , Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University All rights reserved. Permission is granted to photocopy for classroom use. Information on this and other resources from the Choices Program is available online at . North Korea and Nuclear Weapons...
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North Korea options - North Korea and Nuclear Weapons...

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