Assig_1_2012W - Score: _____ out of 8 (= 16 points 2)...

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Unformatted text preview: Score: _____ out of 8 (= 16 points 2) LINGUISTICS 1: ASSIGNMENT 1 Name: TA: Section: To do this assignment, you should have read Chapters 1-3 of The Language Instinct and seen the film Discovering the Human Language. Be concise in your answers. If you use more than the space allotted, you have written too much. WE ARE LOOKING FOR SPECIFIC POINTSOFTEN A FEW KEY WORDS OR PHRASES! 1. (2 points) In his book Knowledge of Language (p. 8), Noam Chomsky gives the following pair of sentences, noting that in (a), the underlined pronoun them can refer to the men earlier in the sentence, whereas in (b), the underlined them MUST refer to people OTHER THAN the men mentioned in the sentence: (a) I wonder who the men expected to see them. (b) The men expected to see them. With respect to these facts, Chomsky poses the questions, How does every child know, unerringly, to interpret the [pronoun] differently in the two cases? And why does no pedagogic grammar have to draw the learners attention to such facts? Quote a sentence from Pinkers Language Instinct , pp. 4-6, that answers Chomskys questions. 2. (2 points) Pinker at the beginning of Chapter 2 of The Language Instinct speaks of Stone Age people [living in the highlands of New Guinea] isolated from the rest of the world for forty thousand years. The film Discovering the Human Language has a segment on the Warlpiri (see p. 21 of the APS reader), a group of hunter-gatherer people in Australia, of which the narrator says, [Warlpiri] has been spoken in isolation from non-Australian languages for possibly up to 60,000 years. GIVE A QUOTE OF ONE OR TWO SENTENCES FROM PINKER, pp. 13-19 (with page cited) WHICH EXPLAINS THE TWO SENTENCES FROM PINKER, pp....
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Assig_1_2012W - Score: _____ out of 8 (= 16 points 2)...

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