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AAS Final Study Guide

AAS Final Study Guide - 1[Week 0 COURSE INTRODUCTION...

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1. [Week 0] COURSE INTRODUCTION Mirrors and hammers: Culture as reflective and productive Het•er•o•sis: “hybrid vigor” and Asian Pacific American activist culture a. Tseng Kwong Chi, photographs Self-portrait images He places himself in front of American landmarks; he stands out Dissonance in trying to mesh an Asian culture with an American one Claim or rejection? b. Kip Fulbeck, “Lilo & Me” [video in lecture; transcription also posted on course web page] Heterosis - the marked vigor or capacity for growth often exhibited by crossbred animals or plants; hybrid vigor Kip Fulbeck, as a multiracial person in the 1970s, turns to the idea of heterosis as a means to find his own identity Connects to Disney characters who appear as racially ambiguous as he does; feeling of clarity Disney as Hammer and Mirror Trying to find his place in the world Psychic disequilibrium c. Jon Reinert, “Left on Lockett Lane” [video in lecture] Coming to terms with Asian Pacific America Reinert’s adopted family attempts to locate Midwestern Filipino groups to provide him with a connection to his heritage The “fusion” idea - the blending of things, as a kind of dilution 2. [Week 1] ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN AESTHETICS AND POLITICS a. Frank Chin et al., “Preface to Aiiieeeee! ”* How to do things with hybridity in Asian Pacific American literature Idea of aiieeeee point to a term to one they are embracing, in a way they are celebrating, but even more fundamental “An Anthology of Asian American Writers” “It is fifty years of our whole voice” (xii). “None of the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino American works in this volume are snow jobs pushing Asian Americans as the miracle synthetic white people that America’s proprietors of white liberal pop. ..make us out to be” (xxi-xxii). “Asian American” vs. “Americanized Chinese”: “Sensibility and the ability to choose” (xiv) Cultural hybridity Aiieee becomes a new way of understanding the aesthetic and moment of emergence Non-Asian writers tend to depict Asian American culture through stereotypes Takes stereotypes and portrays them as something to be proud of Embraces word, embracing stereotypes Written after Civil Rights movement for Asian Americans in 1970s Civic engagement, standing up for your heritage The idea of taking something that had been used as a way of denigrating, making fun of Asian Americans. And that instead of purely just rejecting that, purely embracing that.
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Of not claiming a purely American belonging and not pure Asian belonging, but our failure to find psychic equilibrium. Asian America finds itself in between space. What it means to be both. b.
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AAS Final Study Guide - 1[Week 0 COURSE INTRODUCTION...

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