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Unformatted text preview: e [Kon93] I. Kononenko. Inductive and Bayesian learning in medical diagnosis. Applied Artificial Intelligence, 7 :317-337, 1993. [Kon94] 1. Kononenko. Estimating attributes: Analysis and extensions of Relief. I n F . B ergadano and L.D. Raedt, editors, Proceedings ofthe European Conference on Machine Learning, 1994. [KP99] E.J. Keogh and M. Pazzani. Learning augmentad Bayesian classifiers: a comparison of distribution-based and non distribution-based approaches. In Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, p ages 225-230, 1999. 186 Clasificación Supervisada Basada en RRBB. Aplicación en Biología Computacional [KS83] W. Kabsch and C. Sander. Dictionary of protein secondary structure: pattern recognition of hydrogen bonded and geometrical features. Biopolymers, 2 2:2577-2637, 1983. [KS96] R.D. King and M.J.E. Sternberg. Identification and application of the concepts important for accurate and reliable protein secondary structure prediction. Protein Science, 5 :2298-2310, 1996. [Lan93] P. Langley. Induction of recursive Bayesian classifiers. In Proceedings of the 8th European Conference on Machine Learning, p ages 153-164, 1993. [LBL"^01] P. Larrañaga, E. Bengoetxea, J.A. Lozano, V. Robles, A. Mendiburu, and P . d e Miguel. Searching for the best permutation with estimation of distribution algorithms. In Proceedings ofthe 17th International Joint Conference on AHificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2001), p ages 7-14, Seattle, USA, 2001. Workshop on Stochastic Search Algorithms. [LDS91] A. Lupas, M. Van Dyke, and J. Stock. Predicting coiled coils from protein s equences. Science, 2 52:1162-1164, 1991. [LELPOO] P. Larrañaga, R. Etxeberria, J.A. Lozano, and J.M. Peña. Optimization in c ontinuous domains by learning and simulation of Gaussian networks. In Proceedings of the Workshop in Optimization by Building and Using Probabilistic Models. A Workshop within the 2000 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO 2000, p ages 201-204, 2000. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. [Lev94] D. Levine. A Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Set Partitioning Problem. P hD thesis, Illinois Instituía of Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science División, Argonne National Laboratory, 1994. [LIT92] P. Langley, W. Iba, and K. Thompson. An analysis of Bayesian classifiers. In Proceedings of the lOth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, p ages 2 23-228, 1992. [LL02] P. Larrañaga and J.A. Lozano. Estimation of Distribution Algorithms. A New Tool for Evolutionary Computation. K luwer Academic Publisher, 2002. [LLDOl] J.N.K. Liu, B.N.L. Li, and T.S. Dillon. An improved naive Bayesian classifier t echnique coupled with a novel input solution method. 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In Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1411: Parallel Problem Solving from Nature - PPSNIV, p ages 178-187, 1996. [MP194] Message Passing Interface Forum. MPI: A Message-Passing dard, M ay 1994. Interface Stan- [ MPW97] S. Mani, M. Pazzani, and J. West. Knowledge discovery from a...
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