W hartzell proc nati acad sci usa 8 61183 1187 1989

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Unformatted text preview: breast cáncer d atábase. In Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 1211, p ages 130-133, 1997. [MS93] R. Maclin and J.W. Shavlik. Using knowledge-based neural networks to improve algorithms: refining the Chou-Fasman algorithm for protein folding. Machine Learning, 1 1:195-215, 1993. [MS94] S.K. Murthy and S. Salzberg. A system for the induction of oblique decisión t rees. Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 2 :1-33, 1994. [MS97] P.J. Munson and R.K. Singh. Multi-body interactions within the graph of p rotein structure. In T. Gaasterland, P. Karp, K. Karplus, C. Ouzounis, a nd C. Sander et al., editors, In Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, p ages 1 98-201. A AAI Press, Halkidiki, Greece, 1997. 188 Clasificación Supervisada Basada e n R RBB. Aplicación e n B iología Computacional [MSOO] G. M ichaelson a nd N. Scaife. Parallel functional island model genetic algorithms through nested skeletons. I n Proceedings of 12th International Workshop on the Implementation of Functional Languages, p ages 307—313, September 2000. [Müli98] H . M ühlenbein. T he e quation for r esponse t o s election a nd its use for p rediction. Evolutionary Computation, 5 :303-346, 1 998. [MY93] H. Mamitsuka and K. Yamanishi. Protein helix región prediction based on stochastic-rule learning. In In 26th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences eds., pages 659-668, Maui, HI, U.S.A., 1993. I EEE Computer Society. [Nag77] K.Nagano. Triplet information in helix prediction applied t o the analysis of super-secondary structures. Journal of Molecular Biology, 109:251-274, 1977. [NB03] NIH-BISTIC. National institute of health - biomedical information science a nd technology initiative consortium. http://www.bisti.nih.gov/bistic2.cfin, 2 003. [New82] A.Ñewell. T he k nowledge level. Artificial Intelligance, ( 18):87-127, 1982. [NW70] S .B. N eedleman a nd C.D. W unsch. A g eneral method applicable t o the s earch for s imilarities in the a mino acid sequence of two p roteins. Journal of Molecular Biology, 4 8:443-453, 1970. • [OKOO] M . O uali a nd R .D. King. Cascaded múltiple classifiers for s econdary structure p rediction. Protein Science, 9 :1162-1176, 2000. [Pat87] L . P atthy. Detecting homology of d istantly related proteins with consensus s equences. Journal of Molecular Biology, 1 98:567-577, 1987. [Paz97] M . P azzani. Searching for d ependencies i n B ayesian classifiers. I n Learning from Data: Artificial Intelligence and Statistics V, p ages 239-248, 1997. [PB97] M . P azzani a nd D. B illsus. Learning a nd r evising user profiles: t he i dentification of i nteresting w eb s ites. Machine Learning, 2 7:313-331, 1997. [PC51] L . P auhng a nd R .B. Corey. Configmrations of p olypeptide chains with favored o rientations around single bonds: t wo new p leated sheets. Proa. Nati. Acad. Sci. USA, 3 7:729-740, 1 951. [PCB51] L . P auling, R .B. C orey, a nd H.R. B ranson. T h e s tructure of p roteins: t wo h ydrogen-bonded hehcal configurations of the p olypeptide chain. Proc. Nati. Acad. Sci. USA, 3 7:205-234, 1 951. [Pea88] J . P earl. Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems: Network of Plausible Inference. M organ Kaufmann Publisher, I nc., 1988. [PF83] O .B. P titsyn a nd A .V. Finkelstein. Theory of p rotein secondary structure a nd a lgorithm of its p rediction. Biopolymers, 2 2:15-25, 1 983. BIBLIOGRAFÍA 189 [PLL02] J .M. Peña, J.A. Lozano, and P. Larrañaga. Learning recursive Bayesian multinets for data clustering by means of constructive induction. Machine Learning, 4 7:63-89, 2002. [PMB96] M . Pazzani, J. Murumatsu, and D. Billsus. Syskil and Webert: identifying i nteresting web sites. In Proceedings of the 13th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, p ages 5 4-61, 1996. [ PPRBOl] G . Pollastri, D. Przybylski, B. Rost, and P. Baldi. Improving the prediction of protein secondary strucure in three and eight classes using recurrent neural n etworks and profiles. Proteins, p ages 228-235, 2001. [ PRC+60] M .F. P erutz, M.G. Rossmann, A.F. Cullis, G. Muirhead, and G. Will et al. S tructure of haemoglobin: a three-dimensional Fourier synthesis at 5.5 Amstrongs resolution, obtained by X-ray analysis. Nature, 1 85:416-422, 1960. [Pun98] W . F . P unch. How effective are múltiple populations in genetic programming. I n Genetic Programming, Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference, p ages 3 08-313, 1998. [QS88] N . Q ian and T.J. Sejnowski. Predicting the secondary structure of globular p roteins using neural network models. Journal of Molecular Biology, 2 02:8651988. [Qui86] J .R. Quilan. Induction of decisión trees. Machine Learning, 1:81-106, 1986. [Qui93] J .R. Quinlan. C^.S: Programs for Machine Learning. M organ Kaufmann, Los A ltos, C alifornia, 1993. [RCB96] R .B. R ussell, R.R. Copley, and G.J. Barton. 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