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Chapter 2_Foundations of Verbal Language-9

Chapter 2_Foundations of Verbal Language-9 - COMM107...

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Unformatted text preview: COMM107 COMM107 Oral Communication: Principles and Practice Foundations of Verbal Language Lois Lipman Language Language “A system of human communication based on speech sounds used as arbitrary symbols” Origins – Gestural theory Symbols Symbols Selecting symbols – We select symbols based on experience Processing symbols – The cybernetic process Learning symbols – Theories of language acquisition – Social construction of reality The Concept of Meaning The Concept of Meaning Language is not inherently meaningful Denotative meaning Connotative meaning The Functions of Language The Functions of Language Emotive language Phatic language Cognitive language Rhetorical language Identifying language Language Distortion Language Distortion Ambiguity Vagueness Inferences Language Language Linguistic determinism Dialects – Standard dialects – Nonstandard dialects Slang and inarticulates ...
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