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Unformatted text preview: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ROT13.cppDescription-------------------------------------------------------------------------------The purpose of this program is to let you practice string and array manipulation as well as bit-wise operation in C. (Originally I had this assignment in bothC and C++. To simplify the task and make sure you are ready to system programming, I changed the assignment to C only). In this project, you are asked to implement a function rather than a whole program.The main body of the program is provided by the instructor. A makefile is also providedwhich allows you to compile the demo program as well as your implementation.The program in this project is about ROT13 encoding.ROT13 stands for "rotate by 13 places". A similar form of this also knownas Caesar cipher. The algorithm is not really useful for provide securityprotection and is often cited in history of cryptography or as a canonical example of weak security. example of weak security....
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assignment2 -...

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