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Assignment 1 ------------ Write a program that takes 2 parameters. The two parameters should be two integers but you should check if they are not. Your program should take these two integers and determine and print if the first is a multiple of the other or not. If the program is given less than 2 parameters, or some parameters are not integer, you program should print an error message. HINT: use the modulus operator. For example an even number is multiple of 2. In this case any multiple of two leaves a remainder of zero when divided by 2. The output should include the values of the numbers that your program get from command line parameters. How to Submit your First Program --------------------------------
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Unformatted text preview: You must submit the following files (i.e., all the files necessary to compile your program): README.txt Multiple.c (or Multiple.cpp if you prefer c++ name) README.txt is a file that tells us how to run and compile your program. Multiple.c is a file containing your program. To submit the files, you will need to use the submit program. Your files need to be under a common subdirectory called "1730_program1". If the 1730_program1 subdirectory is directly under your home directory you execute the below command line while in your home directory: submit 1730_program1 cs1730b NOTE: if you do not have an odin account, please email your assignment to before the project due time....
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