2 - hopeless prayer. And it is nice to sing sometimes....

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Stephen Patton Bryant is dry, impersonal, and highly structured. Whitman and Dickenson are vibrant, personal and free. While my diction makes it obvious which poetry I prefer, I can see why poets like Bryant would prefer their style. The rigid structure in “To a Waterfowl” forces the lines to sing, while Whitman’s structure reads as an impassioned incantation and Dickinson’s reads as a
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Unformatted text preview: hopeless prayer. And it is nice to sing sometimes. Aside from the freedom of structure and personalness of Whitman and Dickinson’s poetry, the two poets could not be any more dissimilar. Whitman is unfathomably large, and shouts sensual yearning and curiosity. Dickinson’s world is so much smaller, her words powerless and bleak....
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