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1 - women who were already planning on donating their eggs...

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Stem cells: The nuclear option, The Economist, 8 October, 2011 A new landmark has been reached in stem cell research, but research will continue to progress slowly with the current laws in place. Following a paper written by the New York Stem Cell Foundation, Dieter Egli acquired acquired 270 eggs and began testing. Eventually he and his team were able to create a blastocyst. The drawback is that the blastocyst retained the chromosomes from the egg and male skin cell. Stem cell research is of course hindered by conflicting ethical views on the nature of life. Additionally, researchers are significantly barred from obtaining eggs needed to conduct research. Two of the leading states in stem cell research, California and Massachusetts, have laws forbidding selling eggs for research. This particular study found a way around the laws by paying
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Unformatted text preview: women who were already planning on donating their eggs to infertile women to donate their eggs to their experiment. In light of Roe v. Wade, I feel laws surrounding stem cell research need to be adjusted in favor of allowing research grants and easing restrictions on acquiring eggs. Stem cell research is undoubtedly controversial, but the potential benefits should bring change in legislature. Countries outside the U.S., notably China, are beginning their own advancements and have significantly less restrictions to impede progress. It’s beginning to seem inevitable that stem cells will become a significant medical tool. Two things need to be considered: the ability for researchers to solicit egg donations and the life status of an artificially created embryo....
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