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Oral Argument 3: Myriad Genetics Breast Cancer Gene Patent Case (CA Fed Cir. 7.29.11) Being on the side of Myriad Genetics, at first I was unable to persuade myself that Myriad had any merit in its claims. Just the mention of breast cancer and gene patents immediately locks in an image of a greedy corporation making money off of women dying of breast cancer. And that image stayed there for a while. Not until after reading every word of both briefs and starting to craft our argument did I really appreciate Myriad’s side. After the presentation, though not 100% convinced, I am more on Myriad’s side. Legally, I think Myriad
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Unformatted text preview: has every right to these patents in question. But seeing as how Supreme Court cases can overturn and adjust laws, it probably is important to consider ethics. Ethically it comes down to whether more good is generated from freedom of this particular application or from the monetary backing of Pharmaceutical companies. I think now I’m more convinced that upholding this patent helps research and identification more than it hurts. All I know is I do not envy the work Myriad’s lawyers have before them if the Supreme Court takes this case....
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