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bartram - Treatment" Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical...

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Bartram was doing his research on the cusp of taxonomical renovation. Taxonomy was moving from the old phenotypic categorical groupings to the modern phylogenic system(Berra; Hallock; Fassett) Example, lots of different juniperus species in America. Juniperus Americana vs Juniperus Virginiana(Welzen) Junipers gin(Goldblatt) Berra, T. M. "The Significance of Bartram,William (1739-1823) to North-American Ichthyology." American Midland Naturalist 122 2 (1989): 214-27. Print. Fassett, Norman C. "Juniperus Virginiana, J. Horizontalis, and J. Scopulorum-V. Taxonomic
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Unformatted text preview: Treatment." Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 72 5 (1945): 480-82. Print. Goldblatt, Peter. "Revision of the Bulbous Iridaceae of North America." Brittonia 27 4 (1975): 373-85. Print. Hallock, Thomas. "'on the Borders of a New World': Ecology, Frontier Plots, and Imperial Elegy in William Bartram's Travels." South Atlantic Review 66 4 (2001): 109-33. Print. Welzen, P. C. van. "Phylogenetic Versus Linnaean Taxonomy, the Continuing Story." Taxon 47 2 (1998): 413-23. Print....
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