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Bartram Final Draft - Stephen Patton Balthazor ENGL 1050H...

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Stephen Patton Balthazor ENGL 1050H 30 August, 2010 Understanding the Legitimacy of William Bartram’s Research Bartram’s Travels and other early scientific publication reveal a wealth of knowledge on early modern research methods. In order to better understand the significance of his explorative research, his publication needs to be analyzed in context of how his contemporaries viewed his work and what scientific standards existed that he was expected to follow. Bartram’s wildlife research fell on the cusp of taxonomical renovation. His time in the American South spanned from 1773 to 1777, finally publishing his findings and experiences in 1791 (Bartram, James & Johnson and Jay I. Kislak Collection (Library of Congress)). One generation prior to Bartram, Carolus Linnaeus began his work standardizing the taxonomical system in 1735, and continued to work on it throughout his life (Welzen). As Bartram was among the first to document the New World species, his research had the disadvantage of being on the fringe of new discoveries. Having said that, Bartram’s research predominately ascribes to the normative Linnaean binomial nomenclature he was expected to follow. Additionally, his incredible attention to detail founded the research of many other European and American scientists. In order to understand Bartram’s research we must understand Bartram himself as a researcher. After a series of unsuccessful ventures, William Bartram, son of John Bartram, was offered fifty pounds a year for this exploration of the South by British patron and Physician John
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Bartram Final Draft - Stephen Patton Balthazor ENGL 1050H...

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