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Berra, T. M. "The Significance of Bartram,William (1739-1823) to North-American Ichthyology." American Midland Naturalist 122 2 (1989): 214-27. Print. This article focuses specifically on Bartram’s high level of detail used when drawing and describing fish species he comes across in his travels of the Southeastern United States. His details are not of their phylogeny or genotype, but of the outward phenotypic characteristics. This account of his description of fish is also true to the plants that I will focus on in my essay. Goldblatt, Peter. "Revision of the Bulbous Iridaceae of North America." Brittonia 27 4 (1975): 373-85. Print. Goldblatt explores the developing taxonomy of Sphenostigma coelestinum , a species first identified by Bartram in his exploration of the Southeastern United States. He goes on to speak against modern scholars, specifically Rickett, who criticized the legitimacy of Bartram’s botanical research. Though some of Bartram’s findings were not in the newly standard binomial
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