Paper1review - Most of the problems from my first paper stem from the broad scope of my thesis After reviewing your comments my thesis was

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Most of the problems from my first paper stem from the broad scope of my thesis. After reviewing your comments, my thesis was inappropriate for the assignment for a number of reasons, two of which are especially alarming. The first is the length of the essay. The adequacy of Bartram's research in the Southeast would more appropriately be evaluated in a 10 or 20 page paper, or even a book. My paper is just a slightly extended abstract of what should be a much larger paper. Instead I should have limited my scope to just a few pages of this larger paper, evaluating the validity of his nomenclature on a few north Florida flowers for example. There is plenty research to be done there, so much in fact that covering a few flowers may even be too broad. Perhaps a better thesis would be on one specific species of flower, which I avoided in fear that my "research" would turn into a mere summary of another's actual botanical research.
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