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Ch2Notes - Chapter 2-The Constitution Need a framework to...

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Chapter 2-The Constitution Need a framework to ensure stuff gets done and everyone participates Massive free riding in the Revolution The Road to Independence Well situated to break from England Home rule-managed all the domestic policies including taxes However Britain managed foreign commerce and military defense Legacy of Self-Governance 1 st colonial representative assembly was in VA in 1619 These legislations controlled British appointments since they controlled their pay Learned popularly elected body with power of the purse could rule over all other branches of the government Had experienced politicians Well versed in Constitution writing Problems: Not used to managing commerce Britain almost treated each one as completely independent and they thus were not used to working together French and Indian War Albany Congress Franklin proposes “Plan of the Union” First plan for a national government American army for protection, popularly elected legislature, executive appointed by the British king Britain needed to tax colonies to help fund war Stamp Act “No taxation by a government in which we want no part!” Stamp Act Congress First time colonies came together against Britain No course of action Vigilante groups Stopped tax collectors, Sons of Liberty, Committees of Correspondence Boston Tea Party Restraining Acts and Coercive Acts Closed port of Boston Dissolved MA assembly Quartered British Troops Crimes tried in England Continental Congress First Continental Congress Fall 1774 Declaration of American Rights Reasserted home rule, called for a boycott on Britain Committees of observation-ensured boycott occurred Second Continental Congress Spring 1775 Told states to establish republican legislatures Many used bicameral Weak executive-didn't want a king
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Established a national currency GW head general Declaration of Independence Common Sense -Thomas Paine Richard Henry Lee called Congress to succeed Thomas Jefferson Right of self-governance Articles of Confederation
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Ch2Notes - Chapter 2-The Constitution Need a framework to...

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