Ch7Notes - Chapter 7: The Presidency Designed to rise to...

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Designed to rise to demands calling for quick action in a national crisis “Energetic Office” Emphasizes action over deliberation Best situated to coordinate a response National defense is one example Want to avoid a Napolean who abuses this power Constitution doesn't give enough power to alter Constitution Therefore, “two presidencies” Heavily leadership role in crisis Not so much in a non-crisis The President in the Consitution Command-in-chief National Security Only Congress can declare war President has “first mover” advantage since he can commit troops and engage in battles Lincoln suspends habeas corpus, this deemed unconstitutional after the war Only two declared wars, WWII, 1812? War Powers Act Required president to inform Congress within 48 hours of troops abroad Operation must end in 60 days if not approved Congress overrode the Nixon veto, but still doesn't Head of State Foreign Affairs Receive diplomats warped to recognizing a country by George Washington 2/3 vote in Senate for ratification of treaties Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations not approved Executive agreements Exempt from Senate ratification Used to keep issues private Cannot supersede US Law Chief Executive Powers were generalized and have little detail Section 2 has the real authority part Vagueness leaves it up to whoever holds the office to shape its power Execuive Privilege Right to without information from Congress and the courts Early years: Only when secrecy would serve the national interest Nowadays: Broadly and invoked frequently Removal of appointees from office Andrew Johnson almost removed from office for doing this Executive Orders Force of law
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Ch7Notes - Chapter 7: The Presidency Designed to rise to...

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