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Unformatted text preview: Milton Outline A) Introduction B) Writing Style 1) Sucking up followed by criticism a) Areopagitica i. pg 2, describes suck ups, then immediately criticizes them ii. pg 3, “As yourselves are superior to the most of them” iii. pg 9, to the Erastian party iv. Praise on England 23 2) Iconoclast of style a) Areopagitica i. Claims to be “rescuing the employment from him who went about to impair your merits with a trivial and malignant encomium” pg 2 b) To Lord General Cromwell (1652) i. Changes Sonata form completely into his own ii. Breaks in the middle of lines “Worcester's laureate wreath; yet much remains” c) Masque i. Caroline masques of the time were mainly praise, with a few covert attacks ii. Comus being performed far away allowed for more breaking of standards iii. More Puritan I. No elaborate machinery II. Principal figures not mythical III. Protestant evil that always lingers, not platonic evil that is resolved at the end IV. Center of court occurs at the Comus's house, not at the end of the play with the nobles V. Makes fun of the Pastoralism of Charles and Henrietta Maria A) Instead of taking her to the cottage, Comus goes to his lavish hall iv. Woman I. Large role to a woman II. Not blind belief, but philosophically argue for chastity III. “every just man should be given his due” d) Samson Agonistes i. C) Classical and Biblical 1) Lycidas (1638) a) Classical i. Myrtles brown = Venus = love ii. Laurels iii. All over b) Biblical i. The pilot of the Galilean Lake (St Peter) pg 42 2) Areopagitica a) Samson over Delilah, pg 25 D) Anti-Ecclesiastical 1) To the Lord General Cromwell (1652)...
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MiltonOutline - Milton Outline A Introduction B Writing...

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