MiltonVirtueOutline - A Comus 1 “Love Virtue she alone is...

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Virtue I. His definition of virtue? → needs to be tested A) Comus 1) Virtue of Lady needs to be tested 2) Chastity without any test is not chastity at all, just a lack of opportunity B) To the Lord General Cromwell 1) “Yet much remains” 2) “Help us to save free conscience from the paw” C) Areopagitica 1) Through learning, can obtain virtue pg 4 2) “Proairesis” a) Through reason one can reach the turth b) Baconian movement c) Achieve natural law by acting virtuously 3) Need a challenge a) Bad books quote, pg 9 b) Mandatory faith c) Knowledge of good interwoven with evil d) I cannot praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue pg 10 e) “Reason is but choosing” f) Don't want to just “pitch out tent here” and not ameliorate” pg 22 D) Samson Agonistes 1) Bondage with ease vs strenuous liberty 679 2) Better to question than to accept pg 680 3) Natural law ideal a) Needs to move beyond spiritual law to truly fulfill 4) Promotes interpretation of Bible as best due to liberty of conscience II. How far can virtue take you
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Unformatted text preview: A) Comus 1) “Love Virtue, she alone is free, She can teach ye how to lcim higher than the spery chime, IF” B) To the Lord General Cromwell 1) Chief of men, yet still was guided by faith C) Areopagitica 1) Up to a certain point, Roman virtues can save you, but if not, there is God D) The Ready and the Easy Way 1) Can take you to an almost perfect government 2) Second coming will finish it off for you since society is so corrupt you can't completely obtain perfection III. Not having a fixed future A) Samson and Israelites after his death B) R+E to reclaim freedom when oppressed if you have the power to do so IV. Once you achieve it, hard to take it away again A) Areopagitica 1) Once you have experienced virtue, hard to go back pg 25 2) 4,8 B) Samson Agonistes C) The Ready and the Easy way, pg 2 V. Not having achieved it and having it obliterated also makes it hard to regain it though (paradoxically) A) Once you have freedom, hard to be used to anything else...
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MiltonVirtueOutline - A Comus 1 “Love Virtue she alone is...

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