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What were the attractions, for playwrights, of Roman History and Roman virtues? Marcus Aurelius virtues mercy, gravity, industriousness, prudence, truthfulness, spiritual authority I. Playwrights had to appeal to both plebeians and aristocracy A) Must be ambiguous and present both sides of the issue to succeed II. Power of the mob (multi-headed multitude) A) Pliable B) Fickle C) Food Revolts, enclosure D) Ruler needs to balance their image of power with their actual power 1. This instills fear and love (Machiavellian principles) into the people
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Unformatted text preview: I. Virgin Queen 4 Elizabeth, Divine Right for James I. Lack of Parliamentary control II. If u can't do that, 2. Also doesn't make the more powerful people in society (Parliament/Senate) decide to revolt III. Abuse of this power A) Flatterer B) Individualism - So every bondman in his own hand bears/The power to cancel his captivity C) Debate on tyrannicide 1. Good in that it solves a terrible problem and abuse 2. Also bad in it destabilizes the nation 3. Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot...
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