Outline - I. Patience A) Justice Ultimately Prevails 1....

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Patience A) Justice Ultimately Prevails 1. Artegall stuck with Radigund, ultimately will be able to escape a) But he “will not rest , till I her might doe trie, And venge the shame that she to Knights doth show” pg 33 2. Initially the brother is stuck with having far little land, equals out in the end 3. Part where Elizabeth kills Bloody Mary? 4. “But Iustice, though her dome she doe prolong, Yet at the last she will her owne cause right” pg 90 5. Prince and the Tyrant a) Loses initially, but takes his time 91 b) Patient in waiting for the perfect moment to kill him i. “And watch aduauntage, how to worke his care” 6. Page 106, allowing time before attacking, metaphor to a ship's captain bringing in the sails before a storm, not being too dangerous, can include this with the thought portion too! B) Lack patience and justice falters 1. Seen where he saves Mercillas Damsell a) The knight chasing after them “being impatient of impediment” doesn't think through the fact that Artegall is ready to dominate b) II. Natural Law supreme to Civil Law A) “All in the powre of their great Maker lie: All creatures must obey the voice of the most hie.” pg 16 1. Its dearer then everything, pg 102 B) Vain to try and contradict it, pg 17 1. “The work of heauens will surpasseth humaine thought” pg 32 C) Divine Right 1. “That powre he also doth to Princes lend” pg 3 2. “The club of Justice dread, with kingly powre endewed” pg 4 3. The liue, they die, like as he doth ordaine, Ne euer any asketh reason why” pg 17 4. “The skill whereof to Princes hearts he doth reueale” pg 55 5. Crown in the temple of Isis shows that the ruler has divinity pg 56 6. “Irena. .. As their true Liege and Princesse naturall” pg 107 7. Colin Clout- “her power, her mercy, and her wisedome, none can deeme, but who the Godhead can define” pg 8 D) Through Justice, get closer to God 1. “Most sacred virtue she of all the rest, resembling God in his imperial might” pg 3 2. Chivalry gives the greatest glory 3. “Nought is on earth more sacred or diuine” pg 55 4. “Right in their wrongs, are rul'd by righteous lore Of highest Ioue, who doth truee iustice deale” pg 55 E) Can't buy justice 1. “Whilest he to gathering of the gold did fall. But he was nothing nou'd, nor tempted therewithall.” pg 13 2. “Knights ought be true, and truth is one in all: Of all tings to dissemble fouly may befall” pg 100 F) Nature (the sea) being the ultimate judge of equaling out the brothers G) Natural law originally was the only law 16 1. III. Balance
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Outline - I. Patience A) Justice Ultimately Prevails 1....

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