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ENGL 1050H Thomarius DaBombs Invisible Man Paper 05/05/09 Infinite Possibilities: Breaking the Limits Certain set ideologies course through society's blood. From youth, children learn to be pious, obedient, studious, and successful. This narrow ideological upbringing limits their minds and actions. Society presents the Invisible Man 's narrator with two choices: servile subservience or murderous mobbing. Similarly, Celie of The Color Purple holds a limiting elementary image of God. Both characters initially choose to follow society's ideology. However, as they progress through life, they realize these ideologies do not ameliorate their lives but limit them. After this realization, they both form new ideologies for themselves which far surpass those of society. The ideologies of society permeate Celie and the narrator's lives. For Celie, God “look like some stout white man work at the bank” (Walker 92). Her shallow view of God severely hampers her spiritual thought and her lifestyle as well. For example, after Celie looks at herself naked for the first
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invisible - ENGL 1050H Invisible Man Paper Infinite...

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