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ENGL1050H Thomarius DaBomb Man's Search For Meaning 01/31/09 Love Knows No Bounds What is love? People often resign love to the emotion of physical attraction or strong predilection. However, Frankel during his darkest concentration camp days discovers its true meaning: an ultimate self-sacrifice and caring for the physical and spiritual being of another. Despite a lack of proper essentials such as food, warmth, proper shelter, and sanitation, Frankel possesses an inner- harmony due to his love for his wife. Regardless of whether or not she is alive, he loves her so much that her spiritual presence is enough to drive him forward and keep his existence meaningful. Frankel's love has a striking similarity to religion. Straightforward material evidence for the existence of a deity does not exist. Despite this fact, many find religion as their support through hard times, just as Frankel's love for his wife. Later on in the narrative, Frankel describes the necessity of a goal in order to give purpose to one's life. As long as someone has a goal, then he will not commit suicide.
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