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Unformatted text preview: Thomarius Ward 207 S Hampton Pt, GA, Athens 30606 770-908-7383 Current Residents 207 S Hampton Pt Athens GA 30606 2012-01-31 Subject: The Kitchen Dear Sirs: The kitchen's condition over the past two months has been abysmal. After a thorough cleaning ranging from the bacterial sink to the stained counters to the crumbly floors to the red stained microwave (that now has regained its original white tone), some change must occur over these next two weeks; these changes, if repeatedly done, will leave an indelible mark on our thoughts and actions that future significant others will much appreciate and save us from nights spent on couches: 1) Either cover items that are being microwaved OR clean up splatter immediately after it occurs. 2) Place non-soaking items (plates, utensils, glasses) immediately in the dishwasher 3) Soaking items (non-Teflon pots/pans since Teflon has no need to soak due to being non-stick) can remain up to 48 hours in the right sink (though this is far too long; please try to clean before then. You do have time. It takes under 5 minutes.) To ensure these rules are followed and enacted: All soaking or non-soaking items remaining in the sink for over 48 hours will be promptly placed in the room of the user who failed to clean said item. Cheers, Thomarius Ward ...
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