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astronomyAndCreation.otl - The Big Bang 1 Theories in...

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The Big Bang 1. Theories in Astrophysics 1. Physical cosmology 1. Study of the physical structure of the cosmos as a whole 2. Willem de Sitter: Exapnding universe 3. Hubble: Red shift (doppler effect, but for light) 1. Extrapolates backwards to an origin 15 G years ago 4. Four Basic Physical Forces 1. 1) Electromagnetic force 1. Light and charged particles 2. 2) Weak nuclear force 1. Radioactive decay 3. 3) Strong nuclear force 1. Binds protons and neutrons in nuclei 4. 4) Gravitational force 1. Long-distance attraction between masses 5. GUT: Grand unified theory 1. Main problem: Gravity 1. No quantum explanation 6. String theory: 1D strings form everything 7. Timeline 1. 12 billion years after, life 2. 10 billion years after, planets 3. 3 minutes after, nuclei forming 4. 10^-35 seconds, temp real high, GUT applies 1. All forces equal 5. t = 0, no physical explanations 2. Theological Responses 1. Pro: 1. Still leaves room for God: "Light there be light" 1. Eg Pope Pius XII 2. Be careful!!! 1. Don't want God of gaps to be torn down 2. This isn't the true issue 2. Creation in Judaism and Christianity 1. Historical Ideas of Creation 1. Genesis 1. Echoes of production by fabrication, not ex nihilo 2. Order from chaos 1. Echo of Babylonian creation story (primeval water chaos) 3. Differences from Babylonian 1. Sovereignty and trascendence of God 2. Dignity of Humanity (in His image) 4. God 1. Worshiped as redeemer before being acknowledged as creator 1. Psalms and Job "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?" 2. Therefore, don't rely on Genesis alone! 2. New Testament 1. Logos 3. Post scripture 1. Emphasized ex nihilo to combat Gnosticism 2. Emphasized trascendence to combat pantheism 3. Aquinas:
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1. Even if universe eternal, needs creator & sustainer 2. God's priority: ontological, not temporal 4. Continuining creation theme: 1. Psalms: God "makes the grass grow" 2. Emergence of new species is sign of God's creativity 2. The Interpretation of Genesis Today 1. Finding scientific info in Genesis 1. Rehtard 2. Importannt things to extract 1. Human experiences 1. 1) Sense of dependence, finitude, and contingency 2. 2) Response of wonder to world 3. 3) Recognition of interdepence, order, and beauty world 2. Theological Implications 1. World is essentially good and ordered 2. World is dependent on God 3. God is sovereign 3. Purpose 1. Exlude gods of other religions, not science 2. Give some framework of order and patterns of human archetypes 3. Design, Chance, and Necessity 1. Design: The Anthropic Principle 1.
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astronomyAndCreation.otl - The Big Bang 1 Theories in...

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