Ch7 - The Nature of God I Is it even possible to discuss A...

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The Nature of God I. Is it even possible to discuss? A) Well if we speak of his acts, we are speaking of His attributes, so yes B) We infer, (are not certain) from the evidence available to use 1. Need to have a correct interpretation of God 2. Otherwise, disastrous beliefs will follow (burning of heretics, making Him too indulgent so that His justice disappears) C) Need to to determine if religion will be good, evil, or innocuous II. Is His Nature Unknowable? A) He is ineffable = Rudolf Otto 1. Mysticism 2. Netti neti 3. Good in that it emphasizes his transcendence, but goes too far (He is immanent too) 4. You must be able to describe and know something since you admit to having a religious experience, otherwise it could've just been the wind blowing B) Maimonides 1. Attributes are distinct from the essence of a thing 2. God is absolutely simple; therefore no attributes are application, since it would introduce plurality in him and corrupt his perfection 3. Only speak negatively then to respect him i. Know we can not know him 4. Cons: i. Attribution of qualities does not destroy simplicity One spiritual being, multiple distinguishable qualities ii. Can't apply “wise” and “good” to God Well not in the sense we know, but in knowing He is far wiser and more good than will can even imagine iii. Stupid to think you can apply ii. to His actions but not to Him Can't be the cause of goodness if He were not good C) Karl Barth 1. God only found through revelation in the Scripture 2. Thus can't talk about Him 3. Cons: i. In his very own Scriptures God creates us in His image; why can't I think about Him then? III. Ways of Knowing God A) What to gain from arguments of His existence: 1. Cosmological argument = necessary and transcendent being i. Therefore we are contingent beings and He must not have any of our qualities ii. He must be immutable and eternal then 2. Teleological argument i. Points to a designer
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Ch7 - The Nature of God I Is it even possible to discuss A...

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