Ch10 - The Nature of Man I. Why worry about it? A) Religion...

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The Nature of Man I. Why worry about it? A) Religion Arises in Man 1. To understand it then, you must understand man B) Descriptions of God 1. If you use human analogies, you must know humans C) Relation to nature 1. Know all of man so we don't think we're just another animal in nature II. Three Conceptions of Man A) Classical Humanistic 1. Where and When i. Ancient Greece ii. Revived during Renaissance 2. Premise i. Man is superior to animals due to reason and freedom a) Freedom allows him to make himself into the superior being b) Fostered a democratic government 3. Limitations i. Minimizes what we have in common with other animals ii. Underestimates man's emotional and other non-rational forces a) Dimishes role of our creativity iii. Overestimates man a) Slipperly slope to secularism b) Post 17 th century, humanism not due to us being the image of God but because of our uniqueness and pre-eminence B) Naturalistic theory 1. Proposes i. Man is simply a part of nature ii. Just the next continuous step in evolution 2. Two Types i. Reductionist a) We are just like all other things and nature and can be predicted and seen through natural laws ii. Non-reductionist a) Samuel Alexander 1. We have certain unique qualities irreducible to lower animals 3. Limitations i. Limits man's spiritual nature C) Theistic View 1. Premise i. Recognizes the complexity of man (both his natural and transcendent condition) ii. We are “in the image of God” a) Not in physical likeness, but in ability to reason and respond to God b) Uniqueness of our mind iii. We are a creature a) Finite, have limitations iv. Duality, not dualism between the two v.
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Ch10 - The Nature of Man I. Why worry about it? A) Religion...

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