Ch11 - Freedom I Is Freedom a necessary condition A Of...

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Freedom I. Is Freedom a necessary condition? A) Of course its limited by certain past choices B) Perfect freedom only through God's grace II. Determinism A) We have many limitations on our freedom 1. Previous choices, time and place of birth, genotype B) How to think objectively of a person 1. Are reactions due to social conditioning? C) Purely natural events by antecedent causes? D) No: 1. Sure we are affected by external and internal conditions 2. Still not determined III. Case against Determinism A) Mistaken view of natural laws 1. They don't prescribe ways things have to happen, but describe how they do 2. There are not two choices: ordered vs. Random and non-ordered, so don't feel obligated to put human behavior into either one B) Behaviorism 1. Clark Hull: “Completely self-maintaining robot” 2. Does psychology have to be a natural science? a) No, conditions may be motive, but are not determining C) Problems 1. Dr. Robert Waelder: a) Why are we praising people; they were determined to do that b) Determinism destroys moral judgments and moral appeals
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Ch11 - Freedom I Is Freedom a necessary condition A Of...

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