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RELI2004H Thomas Ward Conference Writeup 02/21/10 This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Southeastern Indians Through Time conference. Begrudgingly, I woke up early to drive from Atlanta for extra credit. However, I was pleasantly surprised and quite enjoyed the conference. The morning session involved a screening of The Trail of Tears , a dramatical reconstruction of the events leading up to, including, and immediately following the fated relocation. As a typical student educated in the Georgia high school system, I essentially remembered three bullet points from my history class: 1) Andrew Jackson was terrible to Indians 2) Lots of people died 3) It was cold (I quite distinctly remember a painting of a few Indians trudging through a blizzard). Nothing is ever this simple in history, and the movie did a great job of enlightening me. I knew little of John Ross, the Ridges, Worcester v. Georgia , and the Treaty of New Echota. The discussions afterwards had even more value and insight to offer. After Mr. Baker said that he enjoyed the film but clarified that it represented the minority viewpoint, a good discussion ensued of whether or not it was correct for the Ridges to claim to possess the power to sign away the Cherokee's land. I also found it interesting the viewpoint the film placed on the deaths of the Ridges. The film presented them as surprise attacks arranged by Indians where they were ripped from their homes then
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ConferenceWriteUp - RELI2004H Conference Writeup Thomas...

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