Christology Essay - Pilate is amazed he isnt in charge,...

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Christology Essay 20:20 Externally identified Peter’s identification of Jesus as Christ Entry into Jerusalem  Quotes Zechariah, rides in on ass/colt  Unconscious recognition of truth Called Son of God multiple times in Jerusalem = Markan irony Key representative of Rome calls him King of Jews Mocked, but actually is the King Roman centurion recognizing him as SoG MT: with miracles MK: with death  First time a human calls him SoG = end of messianic secret In control of his death  Passion predictions Jesus must suffer Unlike expectations of the Messiah  Says plainly but disciples don’t get it  According to scripture  Knew betrayal was coming At arrest he says “I am” to “are you Jesus”
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Unformatted text preview: Pilate is amazed he isnt in charge, Jesus is Enthronement in death Hailed by crowds Anointed by woman He defends her because he wont always be with them Situation is different now Identified by high priest Saluted by soldiers Enthroned physically on cross Thieves in places of honor Other No claims of independent authority no one is good but God alone or is this saying that he is God? Alternate interpretation Fig tree Expects tree to give him fruit even when its not in season Judgment over fig tree is divine Jesus authority is from God Question of authority in temple Parousia Coming in clouds = parousia?...
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Christology Essay - Pilate is amazed he isnt in charge,...

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