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notes for greek midterm zomg - Hippodameia – another name...

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nostos/Nostoi – before the Odyssey, part of epic cycle tells of greeks return home aegus – aetological myth – one that explains why some certain state affair exists =- hesiod’s Prometheus offering agon – athletic contest arête – excellence, living up to your manly excellence Ariadne – daughter of Minos and helped defeat minotaur Aristeia – Aristoi – those who posses arête, or the aristocracy Athlon- contest Athlos – feat, contest Aulis- where the greeks gathered to go to war against troy by Agamemnon, where the sacrifice of iphaginea Chthonic – pertaining to the earth or gaia, subterranean Daidala – greek festival every four years in honor of hera Ekphrasis – a description of something, to call it by name Elpis – personification of hope Epinician poetry – celebration of poetry Epopteia – final initiation rite into the eleusian mysteries Eris- goddess of discord Hiera – greek magic, holiness Hierophant- title of chief priest in eleusian mysteries Hieros gamos – ritual to connect dieites with people through sex
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Unformatted text preview: Hippodameia – another name for briseis, or daughter of oenmaus Kleos – heroes build this up, legendary status Kore – another name for Persephone Kykeon – drink used in the eleusian mysteries Micheal ventris – guy who deciphered linear a Metis – first spouse of zeud Misogyny – hatred of women Mystes – initiate into the Mysteries Mythos – story or legend Nike – goddess of victory Oenomaus – king, had 13 suitors pursue is daughter hippodamia Peithein – gifts to gods Pelops – cult led to the founding of Olympic games Perses – titan Pithos – large storage jar Pythia – the priestess presiding over Delphi and temple of apollo Sir Arthur evans – british archaeologist who discovered Knossos Techne – craft making Telesterion – primary center of eleusian mysteries Theseus – founder hero of athens Titanomachy – war of the titans Tyndareus – husband of leda, king of Sparta Xenia – concept of hospitality to those far from home...
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notes for greek midterm zomg - Hippodameia – another name...

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