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Greek Vocabulary - Menos - Menos – fluid = life force; courage, blood, battle fluid. Can be gained or lost. Menos makes men masculine. They don’t need a lot though cause they are hard and dry by nature. Women need sexual activity cause they need Menos all the time. - Metis – personification of “street smarts”, instincts, cunning, etc. – Prometheus has it too - Skeptron – speaking staff, very masculine, phallic. He can talk now. - Nostoi - stories of homecoming from Trojan War. Kleos – subject of far reaching fame. (form of immortality) o Be remembered forever! 300 and all that jazz. Aristoi – The Best men. The class of heroes. o Hero – member of Aristoi, born into that class. o Lots of Menos! Masculinity! RAWR! Arete
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Unformatted text preview: Manly excellence - win on battlefield! Athletic contests! Sex! Speaking! Agon Competition! Xenia What the Heroic class do. Their custom: take strangers in. exchange presents. Bound by generations. -Thes regular hired hand-Oikos - household-Basileus top dog or chieftan-Boule council of elders-Apoikia colony or home away from home-Agathos good man-Kakos bad man-Hoplon cool big new shield in Archaic age -3ft. in diameter-Meter mother-Megaron great hall in Mycenaean culture -Hierophantes people who revealed sacred things priests-Epopteia having seen something an advanced state of knowledge through repeated visits to the Eleusinian Mysteries...
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